Planned Giving

Everyone wants to leave a legacy, something they will be remembered for. Legacy giving is important because it creates a vision of hope for the next generation. Your donations help today’s sick kids but they also help ensure the proper treatment and care of the next generation.

How do I leave a Legacy Gift?

There are many ways to give a legacy gift to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. You can download our Legacy Giving Guide HERE.

Donations of stocks or securities

Gifts of securities are a tax effective way to contribute to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. As of 2006, Canadians are not taxed on the capital gain of the donated securities. You receive a tax receipt for the fair market value of the securities. By donating gifts of securities, you often enjoy tax savings greater than those you receive when donating cash. Securities can be donated throughout your lifetime or through your will.

Gift of Life Insurance

The donation of a new life insurance policy or adding the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan to an existing policy provides the opportunity to make a substantial contribution while providing you or your estate with potentially significant tax benefits.

RRSP’s or RRIF’s

Naming the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan as a beneficiary on your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) allows you to donate all or a portion of your retirement savings to the Foundation. Your estate will receive a charitable tax receipt for the donation.


A specified gift in your will is known as a charitable bequest. This is one of the simplest ways to make a gift to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. It can be a certain sum of money, specific asset(s), or part of an estate. Some benefits of a bequest to the Foundation include tax savings in the year of your death and no reduction on your present income or savings.


Endowments funds are a way to make a significant gift and create a continuous stream of income for the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. Funds can be designated for general use by the Foundation or to a named fund for a specific use.

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Every Dollar Helps

We would like to thank all of our Children’s Hospital Foundation donors.

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