Our Priorities

We are committed to raising $75 million to ensure that all of the enhancements will be in place to make our children’s hospital a special place for kids, moms-to-be, and families. Once completed, the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan will see more than 21,000 young patients a year in pediatric emergency alone. There will also be space to care for over 6,000 pregnant women every year, and space for over 4,000 children each year who need overnight stays.

The Capital Campaign focuses on three fundraising priorities:

Equipment & Technology Enhancements

Access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities will improve treatments, while attracting first-rate specialists and medical caregivers to Saskatchewan.

Family-Centered Care

From the mother’s prenatal months to a child’s teenage years, this hospital will embrace and speak to the needs of our children, and allow families to stay close as an integral part of the patient care process.

Research & Innovation

Vital research, conducted here at home, will translate into benefits for our children, mothers and families as they receive care from medical professionals with access to the latest information on treatments and procedures.

Our fundraising team would be pleased to discuss your many options in structuring your gift and will work with you to ensure that your gift has a lasting impact.

Every Dollar Helps

We would like to thank all of our Children’s Hospital Foundation donors.

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