5 Reasons To Donate

Give with heart. Give with purpose. Give for our kids and families.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan sees a future where our province’s children and families have access to the very best in pediatric and maternal care, equipment and research. We see a future where children and families have a dedicated world-class facility that will meet their needs right here at home. We all win with a gift that gives back to our friends, family, neighbors, community, and province.

1. Your donation of $20 or more is tax deductible.

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2. Celebrate life’s milestones with a donation in honor of a bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement or in memory of a loved one. It’s the perfect lasting gift!


3. It’s easy! It’s never been more safe or easy to donate online. Give the gift of art supplies to Saskatchewan kids, or direct your donation to some of the most urgently needed equipment pieces. You’ll be glad you did.

4. Give to teach the children in your life the value of giving back. A donation allows our our kids the chance to see the impact they can have on other children in their community.


5. Give because every little bit helps.

Your generous contribution is going where it can truly make a difference. It’s a gift you can be proud of.

Every Dollar Helps

We would like to thank all of our Children’s Hospital Foundation donors.

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