Receipting Policy


Charitable donation receipt means tax receipt for income tax purposes.

In-kind means gifts of property (non-cash gifts); gifts in kind include, but are not limited to, capital property, depreciable property, personal-use property, shares and inventory of a business; does not include gifts of service. 

Service(s) mean professional business and personal services.  Examples of services are legal, accounting, recreation, entertainment, transportation, and dining.

Sponsorship means circumstances where a business gives cash or merchandise and receives a material business advantage, such as promotional or advertising services in return.

    The purpose of this policy is to establish the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan’s (CHFS) requirements for issuing charitable donation receipts.
    The CHFS is a registered charity and is authorized by the Canada Revenue Agency to issue official charitable donation receipts to acknowledge gifts it receives.  Charitable donation receipts are subject to requirements of The Income Tax Regulations. 
    1. The CHFS issues charitable donation receipts for amounts of $20.00 or more and in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines.
      1. The CHFS issues charitable donation receipts only to the issuer of the cheque, debit or credit card holder.
      2. The CHFS issues charitable donation receipts for gifts in-kind under the following parameters:  
        • Charitable donation receipts are issued for the fair market value (FMV) of the property/goods on the date it is received.
        • All property with a fair market value >$1000 must be valued by a qualified appraiser independent of the donor and the Foundation.
        • If the item is new and has been recently purchased, a receipt or invoice is adequate proof of FMV.
        • Gifts of inventory to the CHFS require an invoice. 
      3. The CHFS issues charitable donation receipts for the “gift” portion of our internal Special Events.
        • The “gift” portion of an event is determined by using a concept known as “split” receipting.
        • The amount paid for a ticket to an event is split between the amount of advantage received by the donor and the amount eligible for a charitable donation receipt.
        • The amount of advantage received by the donor cannot exceed 80% of the ticket price.
      4. Generally, the CHFS does not issue an official donation receipt to the persons who donate or buy items at a charity auction.  However, the CHFS may issue a charitable donation receipt at an Auction if predetermined in advance.
    2. The CHFS shall not issue charitable donation receipts for services however; services can be paid by the CHFS and subsequently, the CHFS can accept the voluntary return of all or part of the payment as a donation.
      • This process is known as a “cheque exchange”; the donor declares payment for services as taxable income and receives a charitable donation receipt for the same amount.
    3. The CHFS shall not issue charitable donation receipts for sponsorships.
      • The business has not made a gift and the Foundation cannot issue a charitable donation receipt (as businesses can usually claim the payment or value of the merchandise as a business expense).
    4. The CHFS shall not issue charitable donation receipts for lottery tickets.
      • No part of the cost of a lottery ticket is considered a gift because the ticket offers the purchaser a chance to win prizes.
    1. All Staff
      Issue tax receipts to donors/businesses in compliance with this policy.

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