The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan is dedicated to raising funds for the enhancement of maternal and children’s healthcare and the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan.

Every Dollar Helps

We would like to thank all of our Children’s Hospital Foundation donors.

valerie green
TD Bank Financial Group
Kitsaki Group of Companies
Jeanette Halpape
Lawrence & Marie Tetreault
Eagle Ridge Golf Course
Jennifer Preiss
Mike Pawluski
Nahakul Nepal
Alysa Philip Cordelia Loring
Lumsden and District Lions Club
Joshua Lang
Robert Bespflug
Regan Ellis
Pope John Paul II
Joan McDonald
Gayle MacDonald
Kody Campbell
Nelson Chen
Gerald & Lynne Bayne
Barry & Doreene Linford
Doug Foster
Patrick Schuurmans
Colton Carey
M. Wayne Noble
DSA Media
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Brian and Monique Tuffs