The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan is dedicated to raising funds for the enhancement of maternal and children’s healthcare and the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan.

Every Dollar Helps

We would like to thank all of our Children’s Hospital Foundation donors.

Robert Bespflug
Larry & Colleen Jensen
Susan McLellan
Kirsten Marcia
Group Medical Services
Graeme & Susan Hunter
Winter Sports Co-op c/o Don McGonigle Pres. McGonigle
Christiane Catellier
Louise Unger
Janine Platana
Curtis Phillips
Tracy Danielson
Janine Platana
Don Walker
Tron Power Ltd. Partnership
Gerald Shauf
Government of Canada
Mary Turtle
William Coumont
Regan Ellis
Gail Lawson
Glenda Beauchamp
Kreos Aviation
Erin Evans
Karen Schlotter
Linda Russell Fortowsky
samuel da costa ferbabdes
Derek Parisian